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Re: edit digits with spellcheck


From: Graham Armfield
Date: Apr 28, 2016 2:41AM

​On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 1:28 AM, Brian Lovely wrote:

> Does anyone know how the user would be alerted to a number of alerts
> occurring in a short span of time? Being I Mac user, I can test this in
> VoiceOver, but am curious if anyone has had experience with this.

​I have some experience from a client who had client side validation in a
form that inserted an error message after every field that did not
validate. Each of these individual messages was marked up as role="alert".

The results whenever there was more than one error were disappointing -
when using NVDA with Firefox, and Voiceover on an iPad. Occasionally one of
the messages (possibly the first?) got read out partially or completely,
but most often nothing at all was voiced. It seems that multiple 'firings'
in a short space of time just confused the screen reader.

From this I would take that it's desirable to only have one role="alert" on
a page, or if multiple locations are unavoidable, to have some way to
ensure that only one gets 'fired' at any one time.

Graham Armfield
Coolfields Consulting