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Re: Accessible Slide Show


From: Terzian, Sharon
Date: Apr 29, 2016 4:26PM

I have a script I was playing with that I can't find at the moment, but I did see this:

I know the script I had, the images were all there in code as essentially an unordered list (with img alt tags)
The one I was using, didn't move automatically, I'll have to hunt it down.

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You may want to check out slides.com <http://slides.com>; (there is also a free version of the underlying software). It is based on HTML and while I don't believe it has great accessibility out of the box, it may be easily feasible to enhance.


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>I know there's not much chance of creating an accessible slide show, but does anyone have any suggestions of how to present multiple screens of information on a single page? My initial thought is to just display them in a grid.
>The type of slideshow I am thinking of is a sort of fancy navigation where you have a link to a page on a graphic along with some copy and/or a call to action. Like a picture of people sitting by a swimming pool with text saying "Sign up for a season pool pass" and a "sign up" link to the season pass page.
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