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Re: Reset button


From: Tom Gilder
Date: Jun 10, 2003 8:42AM

On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, 2:54:29 PM, Rachel wrote:
> What is your opinion on reset buttons (input
> type="reset"), both from an usability standpoint and
> accessibility standpoint?

Personally, I really, really dislike them. Several times I've
accidentally clicked one (the worst possible case is when you have
a custom image submit button, and a normal reset button), much to my

Just try thinking to yourself, "what possible reason is there for a
user entering entirely incorrect details in this form, and wanting to
delete them all?". I don't think there are all that many, really.

There is an argument that users sometimes press back and enter new
details, but imo if that's happening all that much a "new" button or
just re-showing an empty form would be a better solution.

If you do feel the need for one, may I highly suggest adding:

onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to totally clear all
details you've entered?')"

...just so if a user accidentally clicks it, it at least adds some

Tom Gilder

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