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Re: Tabs and focus


From: Joseph Sherman
Date: Aug 25, 2016 1:00PM

Paul J Adam wrote:
>In my demo that deviates from the authoring practices I have all the tabs
> available in the tab order or users can activate the arrow keys to move
> between tabs.

I looked at the demo using NVDA. Once I'm in the Tabs it goes to forms mode and the arrow key selects the next tab. In order to read the tab panel text I have to manually exit forms mode and arrow down. Is this expected behavior for screen reader users? Also note that the Tab key changes the focus but not the tab panel content, while the arrow keys do both.

>I don’t recommend jumping their focus down to the tab panel because they may want to activate a different tab or read all the tabs before actually moving focus into it.

I didn't mean to jump focus on tab focus, but whether it makes sense to jump focus to content onclick.



> > On Aug 25, 2016, at 11:57 AM, Joseph Sherman
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> > Question: When using tabs like five items in a horizontal row each with
> some text content, is it better to jump focus to the content when the user
> expands or activates the tab or have the user have to go through the other
> tabs to get to content?
> >
> > Also, the specs (https://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria-practices-1.1/#tabpanel)
> say that only the active tab should be in the tab order and users should use
> arrows to move through tabs. Is this another area when the specs are ahead
> of user expectations?
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