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Chrome Color Contrast Analyzer


From: Joseph Sherman
Date: Aug 25, 2016 1:35PM

I like two tools: For web pages I like the color checker in html CodeSniffer<http://squizlabs.github.io/HTML_CodeSniffer/>;, largely because it gives suggestions for text or background color that will meet the spec.

For checking individual elements I like the color contrast analyzer<http://www.paciellogroup.com/resources/contrast-analyser.html>; since you can select the pixels to compare.

Among others, there’s also the WCAG color contrast add-in for FireFox, Juicy Studio Toolbar, and (un)clrd for Chrome which shows the page in black and white.


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> I was told that the Chrome Color Contrast Analyzer is the best way to tell if

> there is sufficient color contrast between text and background color because

> it actually works off the resolved images that the user will see. But I am not

> always sure whether the heat map generated indicates a pass or a failure. It's

> not exactly a binary "legible" or "illegible" that often results.

> Can someone help by taking a look at the samples I've arranged at

> ? Would you consider these passes or

> failures? I am deliberately not sharing the original html pages since that

> would influence your ability to comprehend what you see in these heat

> maps.

> If there are other tools as easy to use as this one but which give results easier

> to interpret as passes or failures, I'm eager to hear what they are.

> Thanks,

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