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Re: Question about paths generated after export of Worddoc toPDF


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Sep 30, 2016 1:50PM

> You're right, Duff. Thanks for the correction.
> This is a problem with Microsoft or Microsoft + Adobe Acrobat (the exporter plug-in).

Sadly so.

I've not actually looked into whether or not their current paradigm for vector graphics allows for applying logical structure to (for example) a cell's background.

Since Microsoft still hasn't figured out table row headers I'm not (yet) that optimistic.

> And yes, I've filed my bug reports. Zillions. For ages. Will we ever see it fixed?!!

Microsoft is now stating their intention to follow PDF/UA.

As such, it becomes possible to hold them (and others!) to account in very specific terms for these sorts of details.


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>> This needs to be fixed by the screen reader applications.
> It's more that authoring and/or PDF creation software needs to offer users the right tools and functionality:
> - Invisible backgrounds should be marked as artifact.
> - Graphics objects that convey information (which may include colored backgrounds, depending) must be tagged appropriately.
> With properly structured files, AT (that understands tagged PDF) 'just works-.
>> To force content creators to avoid using color backgrounds and borders is insane; these are often needed to clarify the information for those who are sighted.
> Of course, authors need this flexibility, and it would be nuts to prohibit it.
> As above, the problem with the authoring application, not the screen-reader.
> Please, file your bugs in the general direction of the people who make the software that you use to make your PDFs.
> Duff.
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