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Re: Accessible PPT, Word and Excel TEMPLATE repository resources


From: Chagnon | PubCom
Date: Oct 25, 2016 9:57AM

We create custom, accessible templates for our clients for use by authors in Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe InDesign.

You're on the right track to create templates for your organization's staff to use. But keep in mind that even with an excellent template, they will still need some training, such as:
-- Short 1-2 hour class in how to use the templates.
-- User manual or guide for the templates.
-- How to export a PDF and check it for basic PDF/UA or WCAG compliance.

Based on our work with large organizations and government agencies, you'll have better success if you ensure that people have all the tools and assistance they need to do the job right.

You'll also need to coordinate with IT the SharePoint, file server, CMS, and other technologies for sharing templates throughout an organization. Microsoft does not make that easy or seamless!

--Bevi Chagnon

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I am looking for excellent Accessible PPT, Word and Excel - specifically TEMPLATE building and storage resources to help improve document libraries and mandatory reports.

Not really looking for the how-to-make a document accessible (but that is OK if a stellar resource), but looking more towards the architectural resources and ideas behind - storage repository requirements and processing of accessible templates that make it easier for non-technical staff to access to enable them to deliver accessible documents.

I have some ideas on this, but would like to match those thoughts against actual known implementations and experiences.

The planned paradigm is of PPT templates that can be stored in a SharePoint repository - outside of actual presentations - to keep down PPT file size - for many (perhaps 100 or more) accessible highly graphical chart and graph PPT templates for use by non-technical folks.

Seems like a lot of fluff for PPT files, right? - yep, but the major reports of the client, a compliance organization - require PPTs used for their most vital and important, highly graphic (colored timelines, charts and graphs), quarterly reports in this PPT format.

Will need the same kind of repository for WORD and EXCEL templates, but that priority is lower than the PPT Reports at this juncture.

Thanks for any resources or experiences that can be shared.

* katie *

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