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Re: Mapping findings to WCAG


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Dec 31, 2016 8:49AM

1. The form field is missing an accessible name (4.1.2). If it is also
missing a visible label it fails 3.3.2, if it has a visible label but
the label is not connected with the field it is failing 1.3.1.
2. I don't see that this fails a WCAG success criterion, sounds like a
Jaws issue.
3. You can say it is a best practice under 2.4.4, but 2.4.4 only
requires that link text uniquely identifies the purpose of each link,
alone or together with its programmatic context.
It clearly fails if there are two links pointing to different webpages
with the text "here" and nothing to tell them apart (if they re in
different paragraphs, sentences, have title elements etc. it is
sufficient, just not great).
For the "opens in new window" I'd recommend the author puts that in
the link's title attribute, not in the link text itself. Again, that
is a screen reader best practice recommendation, not a WCAG violation.

somehow pro

On 12/31/16, Vemaarapu Venkatesh < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hello all, Greetings!
> I am running usability test pass on a web app and I have come across few
> confusions while mapping issues to WCAG 2.0
> Any WCAG Success Criteria associated with the following points?
> 1. When I focus to an edit field JAWS is not announcing the edit field
> though it is focused.
> 2. In other edit field unable to read typed text in the edit field using
> arrow keys.
> 3. The link text of some links is very long where I think user frustrates
> listening to these long links. The information present in link text is also
> available in the destination after following the links. Also for all these
> links the starting phrase in the link text is given as "Opens new dialog".
> I think this phrase has to be included as the last phrase in the link text.
> Can I fail these two scenarios under WCAG 2.4.4
> Need Clarification. Thank you.
> Thanks,
> Venkatesh
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