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Re: PDF and PowerPoint Heading Question


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Feb 24, 2017 10:05AM

The section dividers are H1's by default, or they should be. You can have more than one H1 in a PDF document and in a Word or PowerPoint document. I'm not sure that PowerPoint has the concept of headings other than H1 and H2. I know if you create the content for a slide presentation in Word, you only use Heading 1 (Title Placeholder) and Heading 2 (Body Placeholder). You can't use an H3 to make a "nested list."

There is currently no way to identify the default placeholders on slides as anything but what they are when tagged as PDF. I think Terrill asked about changing text boxes to headings or Title Placeholders in a post a couple of weeks ago and you can't do that.

If anyone is going to CSUN, I suggest you talk to the Microsoft folk about making this possible in PowerPoint. I'm going to talk to them about cleaning up some of the Tags in PDF documents from both Word and PowerPoint and will mention the ability to reassign "heading Tags" . on both the default placeholders and for Text Boxes. In thinking about the comparison slide layout, we really would need the equivalent of an H3 for the subtitles on slides using that layout.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi All,

If one uses the templates in PowerPoint, it automatically puts a H1 on the title page and then H2s on all the other slides. Is there any way to check this in PowerPoint? I know I can do it in Acrobat...

Also if one has a presentation where you have a title slide with H1 and then H2s for the rest, except the are four re major section dividers in the presentation, do you have to then redo the tags to make those section dividers H2 and then the rest of the slides change to H3? I always assumed you did, but I wanted to double check.

Is there any way to do this in PowerPoint in terms of changing the Heading levels? I know how to do it in PDFs...