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Re: PDF and PowerPoint Heading Question


From: L Snider
Date: Feb 24, 2017 10:25AM

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much, good to know! I wish PowerPoint was like Word in terms of
styles being open and put into a style bar, it would be a lot easier if
that were consistent between products (she says in a hopeful voice). Very
good point about the comparison slides. Won't be at CSUN, but would love to
know if you get feedback on that request.

I know there are times when there are two H1s in Word docs, but I have
tried to steer clear of any more H1s. I guess my question would be, today
do the majority of screen reader users (I know we can't survey 100% of
people) expect Word docs, PDFs, PowerPoints to be different than web pages
in terms of how many H1s they get? Would they prefer they are similar? I am
asking because for me, I try to only use one H1 on a web page, maybe two if
I have to...but from the feedback I got over the years people who use
screen readers only wanted one or two H1s for web pages...I have lived many
places and I get a lot of different feedback, depending on the local area.



On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 11:05 AM, Karlen Communications <
<EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> The section dividers are H1's by default, or they should be. You can have
> more than one H1 in a PDF document and in a Word or PowerPoint document.
> I'm not sure that PowerPoint has the concept of headings other than H1 and
> H2. I know if you create the content for a slide presentation in Word, you
> only use Heading 1 (Title Placeholder) and Heading 2 (Body Placeholder).
> You can't use an H3 to make a "nested list."
> There is currently no way to identify the default placeholders on slides
> as anything but what they are when tagged as PDF. I think Terrill asked
> about changing text boxes to headings or Title Placeholders in a post a
> couple of weeks ago and you can't do that.
> If anyone is going to CSUN, I suggest you talk to the Microsoft folk about
> making this possible in PowerPoint. I'm going to talk to them about
> cleaning up some of the Tags in PDF documents from both Word and PowerPoint
> and will mention the ability to reassign "heading Tags" . on both the
> default placeholders and for Text Boxes. In thinking about the comparison
> slide layout, we really would need the equivalent of an H3 for the
> subtitles on slides using that layout.
> Cheers, Karen