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Re: How to code for 'accessible sticky header'?


From: Judith Blankman
Date: Mar 20, 2017 6:50PM

Dredging this one up again because I'm in a position to have to specify this now. It seems like the discussion below understood the sticky header to be a masthead on the page.

The implementation I'm working on will be for a comparison table, where there is a persistent column header row that doesn't move. It's placed as content placed in the body of a page. The page itself has a typical masthead, footer, right rail.

This will be responsive - on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

My understanding that the best way to code this is to build a table that screen reader users will access, using semantic markup. The sticky header lays over that visually but will not be read by a screen reader.

I'm still unsure how to make this work for sighted keyboard-only users. They still need to be able to tab through the page content. I assume their focus could land on the visible header row (where there is an 'remove from the comparison- button) and then be able to move to any other focusable elements.


Judith Blankman

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I would maintain the sticky header in the same place in the DOM for consistency and to satisfy Consistent Navigation in WCAG.

I have two additional comments. Make sure any sticky headers aren't too large or can be dismissed as some headers can overtake the screen when users with low vision zoom in. Secondly, if the sticky header has functions that may need to be used frequently elsewhere on the page it may be difficult for people who rely on the keyboard to get to that sticky header and thus they may lose the benefit of it being there. Perhaps provide a keystroke to access the header without scrolling the page.


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Hi Poornima, is this for a mobile/responsive site? If so, keep in mind how obtrusive it is for a person exploring by touch. I would maintain the sticky header in the same place in the DOM for consistency and to satisfy Consistent Navigation in WCAG.

For the code, a simple <header> element that contains your header content will do. That will satisfy a portion of Bypass Blocks as it is a landmark. Add your navigation using a <nav> element. If you have multiple <nav>s, then add an aria-label to each describing their purpose. The CSS you'll maintain has position: fixed on the container though I'm sure you've already thought of this.

Ensure you have proper visual focus indication to satisfy Focus Visible and that you haven't broken the Focus Order by abusing tabindex, etc.

I hope this helps!


Nick Beranek
Digital Accessibility Team

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I came across a question from our design team on the 'sticky header'? I am learning how the sticky header (the header which will remain same for all the screens of web site) can be coded to be accessible. Please suggest any technical recommendations you came across for this type of header.

Poornima Subramanian

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