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Re: Converting simple math to Mathtype: Scope


From: Sean Keegan
Date: Apr 24, 2017 5:28PM

> I have been asked to key in all in-text equations, variables, any Math
> into MathType and provide a corresponding alt-text.

What is the intended use case for entering all math equations into MathType
only to provide a text alternative? Is this intended for individuals using
screen-readers in a document, on the web, etc. or is this just for general
document formatting?

Typically, MathType is used in conjunction with MS Word and, depending on
how the document is to be used (and what assistive technology is
available), adding a full text equivalent is a bit overkill and does not
lend itself to using the content in different formats.

> My question is: Is this a necessary accessibility requirement for simple
> like n = 20; p < 0.05, <6, and so on.

Generally speaking, I would say no, do not add a text description to such
math content BUT this is dependent on the output format; that is, what the
user will be consuming.

For example, if the intent is to distribute math content via MathML, then I
would encourage the use of MathJax along with a newer version of
screen-reader applications (e.g., NVDA, JAWS, VO.). If on the Windows
platform, I would also suggest installing MathPlayer as that gives more
flexibility in how math content is spoken.

Take care,