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Home button on left, clickable tabindex=-1 logo on the right


From: Karl Brown
Date: Apr 25, 2017 2:52AM

Hi all,

There's a client navigation I'm reviewing where they've decided, for brand
reasons, to put the logo on the right.

So the first thing in the header that's focusable is still a link to the
homepage, they've put a link on the left which says "Home" (and is an icon
of a house).

The logo on the right goes to the homepage, and is still clickable but
doesn't receive focus because it's got tabindex=-1 applied.

Am I correct in assuming it's a failure of WCAG 2.1.1 as the logo itself is
no longer able to be used by non-point-and-click devices?

Karl Brown
Twitter: @kbdevelops
Skype: kbdevelopment

Professional Certificate Web Accessibility Compliance (Distinction),
University of South Australia, 2015