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Re: javascript


From: Cohen, Lisa A.
Date: Aug 28, 2001 6:57AM

This is SO helpful... But, can I just ask you to clarify, did Doug Wakefield
make the statement in the second paragraph, followed by your interpretation
in the third paragraph?
Thanks so much,
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From: Reidy Brown [ <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2001 6:59 PM
To: 'WebAIM forum'
Subject: RE: javascript

I ran my Javascript explanation past Doug Wakefield (Accessibility
Specialist at the Access Board, which authored these standards), to make
sure I wasn't misrepresenting 508-- here it is:
"The assumption is that the user will have a reasonably current
browser/assistive technology combination, such as IE 5 and Jaws for Windows
3.7, specifically, one that supports javascript. [This is the biggest
philosophical difference between 508 and WAI.]
In this case, you're assuming that behind-the-scenes Javascript (such as
validation) will work properly. If so, you need only to make sure that
"visual" content is available to all users. For example, a form that
validates for an email address could pop up an alert box saying "Please
enter an email address." Jaws 3.7 can read alert boxes, so this is
I hope this helps clarify the issue.
Reidy Brown
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[Leo said]
point "L" of the 508 requirements:
What exactly does it mean by "identified with functional text" in
this context.