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Re: javascript


From: Reidy Brown
Date: Aug 28, 2001 7:18AM

Clarification: The whole Javascript explanation is mine (one I wrote to the
WAI-IG list several months ago). I wanted to make sure I had it right, so I
sent it to Doug, and he ok'd it, and sent me this additional info:
What problems do screen readers confront with scripting languages?
This standard requires web page authors to ensure that all the information
placed on a screen by a script shall be available in a text form to
assistive technology. Standards for scripts (l) and applets and plug-ins (m)
have similar purposes. Web page authors have a responsibility to provide
script information in a fashion that can be read by assistive technology.
When authors do not put functional text with a script, a screen reader will
often read the content of the script itself in a meaningless jumble of
numbers and letters. Although this jumble is text, it cannot be interpreted
or used.
How can web developers comply with this standard?
Because of the problems described above, the standard requires that
functional text be provided, that is, text that, when read, conveys an
accurate message as to what is being displayed by the script. For instance,
if a web page uses a script only to fill the contents of an HTML form with
basic default values, the web page will likely comply with this requirement,
as the text inserted into the form by the script may be readable by a screen
reader. By contrast, if a web page uses a script to create a graphic map of
menu choices when the user moves the pointer over an icon, the web site
designer may be required to incorporate "redundant text links" matching the
menu choices because functional text for each menu choice cannot be rendered
to the assistive technology. Determining whether a web page meets this
requirement may require careful testing by web site designers, particularly
as both assistive technology and the JavaScript standard continue to evolve.
[End Doug's explanation]
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This is SO helpful... But, can I just ask you to clarify, did Doug Wakefield
make the statement in the second paragraph, followed by your interpretation
in the third paragraph?
Thanks so much,