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Looking for aria-live examples that actually work as expected on Desktop Safari (or Chrome) with VoiceOver


From: Roel Van Gils
Date: May 26, 2017 11:30AM


Does anyone have links to aria-live examples that actually work on macOS with VoiceOver?

The examples by Terrill Thompson (https://terrillthompson.com/tests/aria/live-scores.html) and most of Heydon Pickering's practical ARIA Examples (http://heydonworks.com/practical_aria_examples/) don't work as expected.

I've also set up this (rather classic) example myself:


It does work on iOS VoiceOver, but I can't get VoiceOver on macOS to alert the change in `<div class="confirmation" role="region" aria-live="assertive"></div>`. I find this odd because I remember tinkering with aria-live a few months ago and then in worked fine. VoiceOver on macOS keeps quiet when the element is updated :(

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for your help.


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