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Re: Actionable roles vs behaviors


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jun 21, 2017 6:57AM

On 21/06/2017 12:50, Karl Brown wrote:
> I'm in the camp of "button does a thing, link goes to a place, input=submit
> sends a thing" myself, but I can see the argument for calling something
> that looks like a button a button.
> I have had the conversation with designers, and we've actually settled on
> calling things a *call to action* rather than a *button*. This way the
> designers aren't telling the developers "this is a button" - rather they're
> saying "this is a primary call to action" and the developers have a bit
> more freedom to decide on whether to mark it up as a link or a button (the
> junior developers will usually ask, and the senior developers have the same
> ideas I do so far).
> I think for the use case Jennifer pointed out it comes down to the script a
> training document or call centre colleague uses. I try to steer away from
> "use the red button" or "click the *pay* button" by writing the script as
> "choose *pay*" with a screenshot if it's for training, or "choose *Pay* -
> it's under the list of items in your basket".
> I'll admit I've been lucky and not found a use case that I couldn't
> rephrase my way out of, yet. Sometimes the right choice of words saves a
> lot of headaches.

Echoing this from Karl. Well put. (I've stayed out of the discussion on
list, but had a bit of a tweetstorm last night anyway on the topic)...

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