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Re: "marked" as compliant?


From: Chagnon | PubCom
Date: Jun 26, 2017 6:16PM

We do work for CMS and I think they're looking for the little certification icon (or medallion) in the left hand panel that states that it's PDF/UA accessible.

You can force the certificate/medallion into the panel (see long instructions below) with Acrobat Pro, but there's a caution:

It really doesn't preflight the file for accessibility or check it or verify it in any way.

It's just a medallion.

Hopefully you will do the checking to validate the PDF before adding the medallion. To prove this point, my firm demonstrated adding the medallion on an untagged PDF that was totally inaccessible.

But the medallion was there!

Email me off list if you'd like a copy of our short instructions on how to do this.

FWIW, I'd don't recommend putting the accessibility report into the PDF because 1) it adds extraneous code to the file, and 2) I think it just confuses the average user. The report really isn't intended for the public user.

--Bevi Chagnon

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Yes... We're familiar with remediating documents for CMS. What we have not seen before is a file actually marked, in some way, as "compliant." Usually, we just remediate the file in Word and PDF and attach the accessibility report. CMS has never asked for a file to be "marked" otherwise; we did not get clarification on what they mean by this. We use the HHS and CMS checklists frequently. But those do not mention "marking" anything or having any sort of addition to a file.

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Cms is part of HHS, so you should be making the files meet the checklists on http://508.hhs.gov. The link is near the bottom of the page.

Ryan E. Benson

On Jun 26, 2017 08:09, "Andrea Miralia" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

We remediated a document for CMS, and then got this comment back. I've never seen this before. Anyone know what they want here? Lol

"If the materials are not marked as 508 compliant, CMS will still proceed with the established meeting but be unable to share provided materials electronically throughout the agency."

In the past, we've just included the accessibility report.