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Re: Online Course: September "Accessible Web Design" at HTML Writers Guild


From: susan parnaby
Date: Aug 29, 2001 6:57AM

Dear Kynn

I thought that I had already enrolled on the accessible web design course
weeks and weeks ago. My PC is out of action at the moment so I checked my
email at the local school therefore I cannot give you the precise date. I
have had time to do HTML1 and CSS1 consecutively since I enrolled on your

Thankfully I am expecting a new PC to be delivered within the next couple of
days. So it will be up and running by the time the course starts. Its a good
job I took a break after the cascading style sheets course or I would be in
a right muddle with whatever I had started.

Susan Parnaby (in the UK)

PS How country specific are you in this course? I mean in terms of
legislation. Or do you expect us to do the research and share our findings!