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Re: Online Course: September "Accessible Web Design" at HTML Writers Guild


From: Kynn Bartlett
Date: Aug 29, 2001 9:05AM

At 06:57 AM 8/29/2001 , susan parnaby wrote:
>Susan Parnaby (in the UK)
>PS How country specific are you in this course? I mean in terms of
legislation. Or do you expect us to do the research and share our findings!
Hi Susan, I'm answering this question on-list (and the rest relating
to your enrollment off-list) since it might be of interest to the
rest of the subscribers.
The course _does_ deal with the U.S. federal government's Section
508 regulation -- in week seven -- but it is not the primary focus
of the course. We examine 508 as an _example_ of an accessibility
policy but not as the only one, and policies from other countries
are also covered. The majority of the course is very much NOT
"country specific" and deals primarily with the W3C's Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines.
Hope this helps!
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