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Alternative to the Title attribute in Links


From: Sarah Jevnikar
Date: Aug 25, 2017 1:53PM

Hi again,
I've come across the use of the Title attribute to provide extra information for links, but have read in several places that this is a bad idea. I can't seem to find any alternatives though (on Google, anyway). What else would achieve the same goal? would it be a matter of just changing the link text? Is Aria label a better way to go? Would that work for non-SR users as well? I'm conscious of the fact that most are not.

The code I'm looking at is thus:

<a href="/en/home?order=field_data_holding&amp;sort=asc" title="sort by Data Holding" class="active">Data Holding</a> </th>

Except with NVDA and IE 11 (I'm testing with JFW, Chrome, IE, Firefox and iOS), I'm hearing "Data Holding; sort by data holding", which is what I'd hope to hear.

Thanks again,