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Re: Ask the Smithsonian videos


Date: Aug 28, 2017 2:48AM


Here are the results of my tests with the URL you provided

On desktop :
I couldn't make the closed captions work in either Chrome (v60.0 then
61), Firefox 55 or IE11 (on Windows 10 Pro without Flash).
When clicked (multiple times), the 'CC' button stays lit till player
loses focus.
No problem with playing video, (un)muting sound or bitrate change: it works.
Using keyboard... Took me a few tries to understand how it works: most
buttons seem focusable but Enter and Play will only pause/play the video
and arrow keys are the keys controlling fast forward/rewind and sound
volume. 'C' will toggle the state of the Closed Captions button but
without any effect. 'F' key for fullscreen, 'M' for Muting sound and
'1-9-0' keys for advancing at 10-90% of the videos (same as youtube)
work, even on the french Azerty layout of my keyboard.

On mobile :
With Chrome for Android (Android 7.0, Samsung S7), the video will play
fine, the 'CC' button is lit when tapped and unlit when tapped again
(but only after the video is played/paused in the latter case) though no
caption is displayed...

Looking at the HTML source, I'm able to find this XML file that should
be the source of the captions:
So closed captions exist, something happens when using keyboard but the
player isn't able to do anything with that and the Closed Captions
button doesn't work with mouse.

Have a nice day,
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Le 27/08/2017 à 16:56, Mike Warner a écrit :
> Hi all,
> the closed captions to the Ask the Smithsionian videos don't work or don't
> work consistently. Today, I went to watch the video about the stone
> babies, and the captions didn't work in the latest Firefox, Chrome, Edge,
> or IE on Windows 10 or in the latest Safari on Mac.
> The video in question this time is linked to below this paragraph. Can
> anyone get the captions to show? I'm trying to gather info to try to get
> them to actually fix their issues with the captions, as I've contacted them
> a few times about this.
> http://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/ask-smithsonian/ask-smithsonian-whats-a-stone-baby/
> Thank you,
> Mike
> Mike Warner
> Director of IT Services
> MindEdge, Inc.