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Re: Accessibility clarification


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Aug 30, 2017 6:52PM

You must keyboard test a page without a screen reader running.
Screen readers generate a click event with either enter or spacebar on
buttons and links, and prevent the scroll action associated with the
For a dialog, I would use a close button, that way the dialog is
accessible on mobile devices. iOS device onscreen keyboards do not
have an escape key and the swipe gesture does not translate it escape.

On 8/30/17, Katherine Barcham < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi Naina,
> It's my understanding that when you're only using a keyboard to browse a web
> page you use the :
> * enter key to activate links, and
> * Spacebar or enter key to activate buttons.
> The way to close a modal using a keyboard is to use the:
> * Esc key to close it, or
> * Tab key to get to the Close link/button and then use the correct key to
> activate it (depending on whether it's a link or a button).
> I hope that helps you.
> Katherine Barcham
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> From: WebAIM-Forum [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ] On Behalf
> Of Mamta Gupta
> Sent: Thursday, 31 August 2017 10:32 a.m.
> Subject: [WebAIM] Accessibility clarification
> Just wanted to clarify few points on accessibility testing.
> 1. Do all links on the webpage should be activated both by enter key and
> space bar on keyboard, or they should be activated just with enter key?
> I was going through keyboard shortcuts on webaim, that shows
> - Enter key is used to activate links.
> - To activate buttons: enter key and space bar is used.
> - To scroll page space bar is used.
> I was testing a page where links can be activated both by space bar and
> enter key.
> When I tried to scroll the page using space bar, it used to activate the
> focused link.
> Is this behaviour acceptable for accessibility?
> One more thing, whenever a modal box or a form is displayed on the top of
> the current page and lets say non sighted user would like to come off that
> modal box or the form, what would be the process.
> Should escape key be used to dismiss the box for non sighted user to get rid
> off that box or form or he needs to tab to the close button for closing it.
> Please advise.
> Thanks,
> Naina
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