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Re: creating complex navigation between parts of the screen


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Oct 1, 2017 8:40AM

This is where a keyboard shortcut might actually be handy.
E.g. press ctr-alt-t go to toolbar and ctrl-alt-q to go to current
question or something like that. If you use the toolbar rroll on the
toolbar a screen reader user should be in forms mode in both places,
which makes keyboard shortcuts more effective.
You could also have a "go to toolbar" button next to every question,
and maybe a dropdown in the toolbar with the questions (go to question
1, go to question 2 etc.) and a "go" button. That would be a more
mobile friendly solution (keyboard shortcuts on mobile don't work).
If you can implement something like this (it takes some JavaScript),
make sure the isntructions on the page clearly explain it, and field
test it with the most likely a.t. browser combinations (well, I
certainly don't have to tell you to do that *grin*).

Me and a few colleagues implemented a somewhat similar demo solution
nickname accessible footsy, for multiple references to a single

(we use JavaScript to remember which link you clicked to get to the
footnote and have a link that takes you back to that reference from
the footnote).

On 9/29/17, Lucy Greco < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> hello everyone:
> I'm working with a faculty member who is creating an
> application/textbook/online course. He is included problem sets in the
> course that require use of a few tools located on a toolbar somewhere else
> on the page. Were looking for a technique to get from the problem set
> answer edit field to the tool palette then Manipulate the tools and bring
> the results back to the answer edit field.
> Is there any known methods we can use to jump to the toolbar and then carry
> the results back to the previous location. We need this to be both
> screenreader and keyboard accessible and work with Dragon. Any answers
> would be appreciated thanks Lucy
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