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Re: opening links in the same window


From: Vemaarapu Venkatesh
Date: Oct 10, 2017 4:06AM


We have target attribute with frame name as one of its value and this
attribute specifies where the link has to be opened depending on its value.
In your case target="frame name" is the appropriate one and make sure your
iframe is named using name attribute.
Here is the sample markup
<div role="navigation">
<a href="url1" target="frame1"> Nav1 </a>
<a href="url2" target="frame1"> Nav2 </a>
<a href="url3" target="frame1"> Nav3 </a>
<main><iframe src=""url1" height="300" width="300" name="frame1">

All your three links will be opened in the same window in the main region.
We also have other values like _blank which opens link in new tab and _self
opens the link in same window.