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Re: opening links in the same window


From: karthik k
Date: Oct 10, 2017 9:41PM

Hi Venkatesh,

thanks a lot for helping me out, just wanted to know, does frame3 here
refer to frame tag? heard that it is no more in html 5, please correct
me if i am wrong

On 10/10/17, Vemaarapu Venkatesh < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi,
> We have target attribute with frame name as one of its value and this
> attribute specifies where the link has to be opened depending on its value.
> In your case target="frame name" is the appropriate one and make sure your
> iframe is named using name attribute.
> Here is the sample markup
> <div role="navigation">
> <a href="url1" target="frame1"> Nav1 </a>
> <a href="url2" target="frame1"> Nav2 </a>
> <a href="url3" target="frame1"> Nav3 </a>
> </div>
> <main><iframe src=""url1" height="300" width="300" name="frame1">
> </iframe></main>
> All your three links will be opened in the same window in the main region.
> We also have other values like _blank which opens link in new tab and _self
> opens the link in same window.
> Thanks,
> Venkatesh
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thanks and regards,
Karthik K
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