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Re: stimulating some conversation


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Oct 19, 2017 1:28PM

On 19/10/2017 20:18, David Wisniewski wrote:
> I understand your point, Lucy, and I’ll get to the accessibility bit in a minute, but first I wanted to say - isn’t this effort missing a larger, far more important point? The article explains that ‘build(ing) for the cross-browser web is too fragmented (and difficult)’.

The full quote is "“One common thread we hear from web developers is
that documentation on how to build for the cross-browser web is too

So note it's not Google, Mozilla, Samsung and co saying that
cross-browser web is too fragmented, but rather it says it's a common
complaint from developers. And at the root of the complaint is the fact
that good documentation (about standards, as well as certain features
that are only currently implemented in one browser or other because
either they're proprietary or because other browsers haven't yet
implemented a feature that's on a standards track fully) is hard to come
by and scattered across various places.

> Shouldn’t this group be getting together to ensure that all browsers adhere to common standards THE SAME WAY, so that there isn’t as much need to code for browser-specific problems?

They are, as they all collaborate on standards at the W3C. Adoption of
standards varies though, and some browsers do still experiment with
features first before putting them on a standards track.


> Am I missing something here? Would love to hear thoughts on this.

Yes, you seemed to have missed the context.

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