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Re: stimulating some conversation


From: Don Mauck
Date: Oct 19, 2017 2:00PM

I agree with that!!

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thanks John you got exactly to the point I was looking at and you actually hit the vendor I was talking about that was missing from that list I think it's really important that this work happens I think this is an excellent group and we should support their work and we should contribute I think it's also very valuable that we continue to have this kind of conversation.
Patrick I'm very glad that you emphasized and pointed out the github page 4jaws. But remember that was only released a week or two ago I think it's critical that they created this it's just sad that it taken so long to come I'm very happy this working group exists but I think we all need to have more conversations about these kinds of things so that we know what's going on and when.

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> On 19/10/2017 20:40, John Foliot wrote:
> [...]
>> Uhm... that is exactly why all of those vendors are working collectively
>> at
>> the W3C (ref: HTML 5), and one of the reasons why the W3C is involved in
>> this outreach activity as well. I'll note as well that in our
>> "accessibility" space, it isn't so much that there are differences in
>> browsers (although there are), but more importantly gaps between different
>> AT tools (looking at you JAWs).
> Please file issues ;)
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