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Re: Dreamweaver MX 2004


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Sep 23, 2003 8:59PM

The DW 2004 report... :)

The accessibility tools are definitely better. There were definite changes
made. There were SOME things you could do in MX, but now there's much more.

One of the things I like is that when you turn the accessibility options ON
in the preferences, you get an accessibility dialogue as you place the
element on the page.

So for instance, you insert a table -- besides the normal table settings,
you can now set table headers (none, left, top, both), Captions (and their
alignment), and summary... You do it right there as you're inserting the

Inserting an image gives you a dialog that allows you to add your alt tag
and long desc url and such at the time of insertion. Form objects, frames
and media are the other options.

It's a definite improvement. I hope people will actually use it. ;)

Stephanie Sullivan

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