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Re: Title Attribute speaking Right Language in Wrong accent, but the rest of the page is fine


From: Bim Egan
Date: Oct 29, 2017 3:44AM

Thank you for that JP,

It explains a great deal. It'll also save vast amounts of time trying to
analyse apparent errors. It's incredible that this hasn't been resolved by
FS long ago.

Strange too, they always seem keen to make inessential "improvements". You
know, those that (probably unintentionally) make it harder for users to
browse and read content, or increase the learning curve to transition to the
latest version.

It's extremely frustrating, so thanks for explaining *this* blunder so


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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Title Attribute speaking Right Language in Wrong
accent, but the rest of the page is fine

I do echo the response of those who would like to see screen readers do
better with lang attributes. I have found that JAWS does not drill through
various nested tags to look for lang attributes.

For example, I had various sites with one link pointing to English, Spanish
and Chinese content. It would be redundant to include multiple links with
the same URL on the page. JAWS was only reading the first span inside the
link label and defaulting to English.

As I tried to make sense out of it, I noticed that JAWS was using the <a>
lang attribute and applying it to all of the spans within the link label. It
completely disregarded the spans that had the Spanish and Chinese. It read
their content using English synthesizers.

While that was proper HTML coding and I couldn't disagree with the
developers, I was unable to get the right content spoken with the right
synthesizer to our customers.

Another thing I noticed about JAWS 18 was the claim that it now supports
Arabic. That was a lie. I went to Arabic web sites and to my surprise, JAWS
was still reading the content as a string of Arabic letters. There was no
way to make out what it was saying.

I wanted to mention this on here for those who might be coding something in
Arabic. Do not expect JAWS to switch its synthesizer to an Arabic one that
can assemble the letters and read from right to left. In fact, it would read
the letters from left to right, which is wrong and makes no sense to the end

VFO definitely needs to make some improvements with the way JAWS parses
languages. There is a ton of problems in that area that are not being
addressed. I cannot foresee a reason why a small program like VoiceOver on
iOS can read Arabic quite well and would switch smoothly between languages,
when a huge application like JAWS cannot. I won't buy it either that it is a
Windows limitation. It is simply lack of interest, which has been bothering
me for many years with JAWS. This is becoming more of a problem now that the
web is imposing this restriction on JAWS and VFO is careless about it.

If I sound a bit harsh, that's because VFO or FS have obtained many
suggestions from me as a user. All of those suggestions were never taken in
consideration when it came to altering synthesizers properly and supporting
Arabic as well.

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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Title Attribute speaking Right Language in Wrong
accent, but the rest of the page is fine

Thanks David and JP,
The sound schemes is a good idea, but I'm not sure it's fair to expect
everyone who wants to use this site to have made those changes.

I tried adding the language attribute (below), which didn't work, but I'm
not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's in the wrong place?

<a lang="fr-fr" title="Aller à la page 2" href="http://google.ca/">2</a>

Any thoughts?

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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Title Attribute speaking Right Language in Wrong
accent, but the rest of the page is fine

You might want to take a look at the speech and sound schemes settings in

To access these:
.Open the settings centre (jaws key plus 6 on the number row), . type sch in
the search edit field, . press f6 to move focus to the right panel on the
screen and activate the modify scheme button.
.activate the edit scheme button,

This is a multi-page dialogue which allows you to control the way that Jaws
handles various controls, attributes and many other features.

in the attributes page of this dialogue there is a setting that governs how
link attributes are spoken.

You can make Jaws use different voice aliases or play various sounds etc.

The other area you might want to explore is the speech profiles.

Here you can specify settings for the various speech or voice aliases.

I suspect that your scheme settings may be switching voices and using a
voice that is set to speak English text.

You will probably have to do some experimentation with these settings.

I do not know what you would need to do for NVDA.


David Farough

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du Canada <EMAIL REMOVED> Tél: 819-420-8418 Télécopieur :

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Service Commission of Canada / Government of Canada
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>>> Sarah Jevnikar < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 10:00 AM Thursday, October
26, 2017 >>>
Hi all,
I'm testing a page with English and French versions with a screen reader.
JAWS with NVDA, IE, Firefox and Chrome. Some of the links have title
attributes for additional information. Though these are written in French,
and the page itself has a French language attribute so is read in French
properly, the title attributes are read with an English accent. Do title
attributes require their own language attributes too, even if the page as a
whole has the correct one?

Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

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