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Questions on Grids


From: Brandon Keith Biggs
Date: Oct 29, 2017 4:50PM


I am trying to figure out how grid tables work in HTML, aria and with
screen readers, but I am running into some problems:

I am following the examples from:


I would like to know if what I am seeing is a screen reader problem or my
problem? I am using the latest NVDA with Firefox.

1. All the tables say 'editable-: 'table editable clickable with 7
rows and 5 columns-. Why is it saying 'editable- contenteditable is not
checked anywhere in the html.

2. In the cells that have raw text in them, NVDA does not read
anything when I enter edit mode and arrow over the top of the cell, other
than the row or column name and number. But if there is a link, it is read.
I can't get any links to read when I try this. I don't see the bit of code
that allows the links to read here.

3. I tried converting the above examples to div elements with proper
roles, but the behavior is slightly different. The table still says
editable, but the data in the cells is read by NVDA. The problem is that
the data is read 3 times such as: 'all the elements in the row, row number,
header editable column 1 value-.

4. Also, why does tabindex 0 combined with a focus allow one to move
around a table in edit mode?

I can give some code examples, but I'm using react currently.


Brandon Keith Biggs <http://brandonkeithbiggs.com/>;