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Re: Accessible pagination?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Nov 6, 2017 10:49AM

NVDA provides the context hen you are navigateing through the page
with tab key (or arrow keys).
But some users use the shortcut NVDA key- f7 (I think) to bring up
list of all the links on the page and navigate that way (maybe I am
weird, but I admit I don't like that approach and have never done it).
If you are interacting with that list you don't see any programmatic
context n the page, and the link text has to be sufficiently
Again, as Bim explained so nicely, this is more of an art than science.

On 11/6/17, Bim Egan < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
> You're not the only one confused. <smiles>
> Accessibility isn't an exact science. Well, not science at all. So much is
> left to interpretation and every one of us has our own unique experience.
> the down side is that with so many people with extraordinary expertise
> coming from every different directions, it may be a while before we can
> avoid confusing the developers and other clients. The up side is that none
> of us will have time to retire.
> Keep the faith ... And strong.
> Bim
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> Thanks, everybody, the input is invaluable.
> Hmm, I'm getting the navigation label read in NVDA and Firefox. Is this not
> typical? I tab into the list and hear "Pages navigation landmark list with
> 8 items ..." I was hoping this made enough sense, but maybe the navigation
> landmark is just getting lost in the noise.
> I'll just add "Page" to everything just in case, but this is one of these
> areas things are so confusing to me.
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> Agree with Tim.
> I think "go to page 1" is a goo screen reader text for pagination links.
> The screen reader does not see the ARIA landmark when viewing links out of
> context, e.g. in a listbox, and "1" is not vry descriptive link text.
> The extra second or so that it takes the screen rader to say "page 1"
> or "go to page 1" is not a screen reader user deterrant in my experience
> (again, testing with real end users is always the most valuable source of
> feedback).
> I wish the author ha expounded a bit on this widget, e.g. showed it in
> context of an actual page. I think "previous" and "Next" options e.
> should b cded as buttons to distinguish them from the links, and that the
> number of results per page should be coded as live region headings.
> On 11/6/17, Tim Harshbarger < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Just to offer another perspective, I do not think that this pattern is
>> too verbose or problematic as a screen reader user. For me, too
>> verbose is something like a group label for radio buttons that is a
> paragraph long.
>> That tends to feel verbose. However, I know other screen reader users
>> might feel differently.
>> My thought is that if you follow this pattern, someone using a screen
>> reader would clearly get the idea that this part of the page is the
>> pagination. I also think you could use only parts of this pattern and
>> end up with something that might be accessible as well, but depending
>> on what you do it might not be as clear to screen reader users who
>> don't spend their days reviewing, discussing, and testing user interfaces
> like I do.
>> This is one of those situations where being able to test with real end
>> users would help. You could find out if there are any major
>> differences between patterns.
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>> I agree, identifying each link as "Page 1" etc makes it more difficult
>> to select the link from a links list ... They all begin with P instead
>> of each being uniquely first letter pickable by number. I'm not keen
>> on the term Pagination either, users are more likely to understand
>> "Other pages" "more results" or similar. The principle's good, but
> overdone.
>> Bim
>> having the
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>> Subject: [WebAIM] Accessible pagination?
>> I'm looking at this article:
>> http://www.a11ymatters.com/pattern/pagination/
>> It seems like the author is suggesting extremely verbose pagination
>> for non-sighted users. This feels like a lot of extra noise to me,
>> but I'm not an AT user, so I really don't know. It seems like once
>> you get into the region, you'll know that the region is for pagination
>> navigation (as per the aria-label on the "ul" element). Is there
>> really a need to label every one of those "Goto Page X"? I could see
>> an argument for "Page X", but even that feels like unnecessary
>> verbosity.
>> Help!
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