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Re: How to manage focus on touch screen devices when Screen Reader is on


From: Mohith BP
Date: Nov 7, 2017 10:10PM


@KellyFord: The seuquential navigation works fine without entering the
data swiping left to right takes the focus from the user name and to
the password field. Reverse swiping (right to left) from password
brings the focus back to the user name field.
The issue is when the element is activated with double tap.

Usually in most of the apps the left to right swipe takes the focus to
the next actionable element even when the one of the fields such as
edit box is activated and the keypad is displayed.

@Patrick: I am not able to share the app currently. I will try to get
the code samples.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohith B. P.

On 11/7/17, KellyFord < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi,
> Where does focus go if you simply navigate to the username field but do not
> activate it and then do swipe right? That is you simply navigate in
> sequence through the application? Is it the case that actually entering
> data causes this behavior or does it happen all the time? If you are on the
> password field and swipe left, does focus return to the username field?
> In my experience, it has generally been the case that these sorts of
> problems happen independent of data entry and are due to focus order not
> being correct in general. Is this a web experience and can you share a
> sample?
> Kelly
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> On 07/11/2017 11:49, Mohith BP wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Please let me know how do we manage focus especially on forms in an
>> interactive apps both on iOS and Android when the respective screen
>> readers are on.
>> Issue:
>> 1. In a login form, double tapping opens the keypad and the focus will
>> be on Username Field.
>> 2. After keying the user name, when left to right swipe gesture is
>> used screen reader focus does not go to the next logical element which
>> is password.
>> 3. The focus moves somewhere in the beginning of the app.
> We'd need to see the actual (web) application in order to provide any
> suggestion on what may be going wrong. Because otherwise, focus handling
> should be the same on a touch device as on a traditional desktop device.
> P
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