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Query about focus lost issue in mobile


From: Vemaarapu Venkatesh
Date: Nov 7, 2017 10:54PM

Hi, Greetings!

I have been testing on mobile apps in both Android and IOS and very
frequently I observed whenever I am completing the action the focus seems
to be falling on whole screen but not on the expected item. User has to
swipe again from the top to continue from where I left previously after
performing each action.
Let me eloborate this with a quick example. I have details page with
actions like renaming item, adding emoji, adding reminder, adding due date
etc. on a screen with dismiss and done buttons as first two items. For
instance activating due date will take me to a new screen asking me to set
a due date facilitating with a done button to save the due date. Once after
saving due date focus comes back to details screen and focus instead of
landing on due date button falls on whole screen. Now my concerns are
1. I feel focus should land on due date button but unfortunately not only
in the narrated example, whenever I perform a action from a new screen or
popup focus always moves to the top of the screen pushing user to swipe
from top each time. I am told that's the way how Android and IOS behaves
when I raised the concern. So is this really the expected behavior or it's
due to focus management issue?
2. As I said focus lands on whole screen on performing any action and I am
presuming that at this point focus will not be visible as it didn't focus
any item on the screen.. Does this fail focus visible 2.4.7?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.