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From: Bourne, Sarah (MASSIT)
Date: Nov 9, 2017 9:26AM

Well, this doesn't seem quite right to me.
> " The idea is that the user should be able to hear the context without having to move focus from the link"
That's a fine idea, but it's not stated as a requirement for 2.4.4. Under Intent of this Success Criterion it says, " In some situations, authors may want to provide part of the description of the link in logically related text that provides the context for the link. In this case the user should be able to identify the purpose of the link without moving focus from the link." "Should" is not the same as "must". And the Failure Criterion "F63: Failure of Success Criterion 2.4.4 due to providing link context only in content that is not related to the link" says that it fails " If the context for the link is not provided in one of the following ways:" and then gives "in the preceding heading" in the list.

That being said, I usually encourage meeting 2.4.9 Link Purpose (Link Only) whenever possible, by using visually-hidden text. I'm tempted to move to using ARIA-LABELLEDBY in situations like this, but there are still some glitches in browser/AT support [1]. And sometimes the link text can get overly long.

[1] https://www.powermapper.com/tests/screen-readers/labelling/a-aria-labelledby/

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