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Re: Available title indication via css


From: Jared Smith
Date: Nov 10, 2017 1:33PM

The title attribute value is not always read by screen readers (this
depends on the screen reader and the settings), is inaccessible to keyboard
users, is often not available to touch screen users, etc. So we rarely
recommend it and rarely use it on the WebAIM site.

And we rarely use or recommend <abbr> and <acronym>. Instead, commonly
known acronyms should be used, or they should be expanded in text in their
first instance.

Those styles are in place simply to present a more consistent visual
identification across browsers. Every browser tends to style <abbr> and
<acronym> differently. And some, including Safari, don't style them at all.

And even when styled, I suspect it's possible that users may confuse the
dotted or dashed underline for a link, except that you can't tab to it and
clicking it doesn't trigger a page change.

In short, the title attribute is generally problematic, unless used purely
for advisory information for mouse users and (sometimes) screen reader


Jared Smith