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Average Time to Create an Accessible PDF


From: Zack Davis
Date: Dec 4, 2017 1:21AM

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for something that's a rather simplistic view of a complex
process. What I'm curious about is what everyone considers to be the
average time it takes them to make a single page document (Word, PDF, HTML)
that is inaccessible and output it as an accessible PDF.

If you have an exact number that's awesome! If you only have a rough
estimate that's cool too! To make it a little easier, if you were given
1,000 pages of varying content with varying degrees of remediation
complexity. What would your estimate be to complete a single random page
from that stack of 1,000?

The purpose of this question is partially curiosity but also is that I'm
wanting to look at ways to possibly scale document remediation in a way
that reduces costs to clients while also maintaining a high standard that
doesn't result in non-conforming documents. While I know how long I would
estimate, that's only a single measurement so I'm hoping to get more
estimated averages to get a larger perspective.

Zack Davis