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Re: Browser plugin that shows what a screen reader sees?


From: John Foliot
Date: Jan 24, 2018 8:08AM

Yup, as well, NVDA offers the Speech Viewer (Right-click on the NVDA icon
in the Taskbar, select Tools >> Speech Viewer)

It opens an additional dialog box, and shows you in text what the SR is
'speaking'. When instructing new sighted users on how to use NVDA for
testing, I've found it to be a useful companion to listening to the voice
speak (i.e. Multi-modal input: sight and sound)

Not sure if that is what you are seeking however, as it does not give you
an 'overview' of the page/content ("...so a non
screen reader user can see how the interface looks to a screen reader...");
rather, it simply shows the same text information that would also be piped
to a Braille output bar.


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> VFO have a tool called Jaws Inspect. Targetted towards Jaws users, but
> something to check out.
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> Instead of looking for an emulator, which would have a hard time keeping
> up with differences between/among screen readers, as they evolve and, we
> trust, improve, perhaps the better way to go is to take advantage of the
> visual functionality already available in screen readers, especially the
> ones that are free.
> Here's an article that outlines options and seems pretty up-to-date, as
> far as I know:
> http://www.maxability.co.in/2017/02/spectator-of-screen-
> reader-tools-for-you/
> Jennifer
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