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Re: Where should I expect the focus?


From: Vemaarapu Venkatesh
Date: Mar 29, 2018 12:28PM


User activates any group with the primary intent of navigating the group
content and that will be judged as a wrong one after consuming it's
content. So if focus stays back on the same link somehow user need to reach
updated region either by tabbing all the way or any other approach. Is it
possible to judge the activated link is the wrong one without reading it's
content by just hearing to group name? If that is the case they might have
activated it unintentionally which is the rare case. Considering this rare
case is it right to make the focus sit back on the same link every time
ignoring the users actual intention? In addition to this as soon as
activating some X group screen reader announces "navigated to X" but focus
doesn't move to X. Will this conflict doesn't disorient users if focus sits

If we consider keyboard alone user without screen reader this impacts more
because they need to tab all the way at least 10 times every time after
activating any item from navigation region in order to reach main region.

I feel focus should land on the first item of the updated group content
since user always intends to navigate it immediately on activation.

Any thoughts?