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Error prevention


From: Isabel Holdsworth
Date: Apr 30, 2018 5:12AM

Hi guys,

I have a bit of an anomaly here, which I'm sure some of you will have
come across in the past.

WCAG2 success criterion 3.3.4 Error Prevention (Legal, Financial,
Data) requires checking, confirmation or reversal of data in order to

We are dealing with test questions that get easier or more difficult
depending on each successive answer. So two students giving different
answers to question 1 could be given to almost totally different

If we were to offer a review screen, and the user changed their answer
to a question early in the test, this would likely invalidate the rest
of the test.

Would it be enough in this instance to offer decent client-side form
validation, given that the tests are delivered on devices that
definitely have JavaScript enabled?

Cheers, Lynn