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Re: Responsive web design and it's accessibility


From: KellyFord
Date: May 22, 2018 5:10PM


This is an interesting discussion and I'd like to bring up at least one issue I've experienced. I use a screen reader and have no vision. Rarely do I worry about the size of my browser window on my personal computer and in fact at various times have been told the window might be extremely small. Perhaps some combinations of things I inadvertently did caused this to happen. The end result today though is that I can at times get a very different experience, even though from my perception I'm going to the same web site.

I'm not saying at all that responsive design shouldn't be used but just be aware it has implications that may not always be expected.


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unrelated to the blog, i like your background story, suman.

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> Great points Mallory! and noted this points too.