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Re: "New" Accessibility Validator


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Oct 24, 2003 8:48AM

on 10/24/03 10:34 AM, Holly Marie at <EMAIL REMOVED> profoundly spewed forth
their very articulate thoughts:

> Meeting section 508, to me, is not complete enough.
> All tests are not complete enough but the four sets of guidelines is
> better than just the one set to me.
> Cynthia Says does offer the options of all test checks, though since
> they imployed the more than one minute wait per domain, this can become
> an issue. It would be nice if Cynthia Says adopted an *all in one* test.
> Cynthia Says URL http://www.cynthiasays.com/

Holly, I agree that Section 508 is not enough.. But if you're talking about
the Hisoft validator, it's dropdown does 508 as well as WCAG I, II, & III...

And the interesting thing is, the report I received from Hisoft is identical
(even the formatting) as Cynthia Says... I'd say they're all just reselling
or repackaging "something"...

For what it's worth...

Stephanie Sullivan

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