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Re: Acrobat Accessibility Check vs. PAC 3.0?


From: Philip Kiff
Date: Aug 4, 2018 1:54PM

I'm slow getting back to this, but thanks for the additional info Bevi,
and especially for the explanation of possible use cases where correct
Label <Lbl> tags can make a difference.

In one recent document that was giving me troubles, I marked the bullet
as a figure and inserted the word "bullet" as the "actual text" property
for some standard dot bullets that were not passing the Acrobat Pro DC
checker cleanly. This improved the screen reader experience (by making
it identical to the experience of a bullet that was properly encoded)
while at the same time getting rid of the Acrobat error.

And I have taken a similar approach with incorrectly encoded checkboxes
and alternative text using the phrase "empty checkbox" or "selected
checkbox". These edge cases would probably be better with correct
characters and embedded fonts, I am sure.


On 2018-07-31 12:00 PM, <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
> Phil wrote:
> " sometimes Acrobat chokes on character encoding issues that are found in
> bullet labels or in artifacts, where I don't think such items are actually
> an issue. "
> Usually we find that the bullet character with the encoding error is from an
> old TrueType or PostScript font that is not mapped to Unicode. Very common
> with Word's bullet utility that often uses an old version of the Symbol font
> (and the bullet is symbol (decimal code) 186 rather than Unicode 2022).
> Redefine the bullet in Word to correct the problem.
> One reason why bullets in accessible PDF use the <LBL> tag is so to provide
> a richer experience for those using A T. The <LBL> tag can announce the
> exact character being used, which can be important in a list with both X and
> checkmarks for the bullet characters.
> --Bevi
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