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Re: Fusion vs JAWS and ZoomText


From: Jonathan Avila
Date: Aug 16, 2018 11:49AM

My understanding is that at this point it's a license for both and that if you were to buy both and run both at the same time you would get the same experience. I could be wrong -- but this was what I understood from reading the site. I don't have details on whether when both are detected the UI or options change in one or both of the apps.



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Does anyone have any insight into the behaviour of Fusion compared with JAWS and ZoomText? In particular, I am interested in any differences that might be relevant when doing an expert review or user testing. If Fusion is significantly different, there's a case for testing with it in addition to JAWS and ZoomText, but just how different is it?

The Freedom Scientific website tells us virtually nothing, although it hints that AppReader and DocReader might have been replaced by JAWS. Or maybe they haven't.

Apart from having a single installer and better support and training materials I can't see any difference. That's actually a good thing if it's true, because it means we don't need to but it.

Also, does anyone have any insight into the product roadmap? Will Fusion become a premium product with features you can't get on JAWS or ZoomText?

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