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Re: Fusion vs JAWS and ZoomText


From: Mallory
Date: Aug 18, 2018 8:42AM

Matt Ater also told me last CSUN that they are indistinguishable from the standalones.

I've got Fusion but because it's on a new Win10 machine I went with the Microsoft voices rather than Eloquence so switching to Narrator wouldn't sound too different.
Same as when I had them separately, ZT remembers my language choices while JAWS needs me to set it every time I start it up. I've got three different icons on my desktop: if I choose the Fusion icon then I basically get a wordier ZT with JAWS commands. Since I use this mostly for testing (tho I like ZT for myself), I tend to run one or the other and not the Fusion option.

They've made some changes to the ZT bar, I was using ZT 10.1 on my Win7 machine, so not sure which is ZT changes vs Fusion changes, but I suspect they're just ZT changes I would have gotten had I simply upgraded.

So far I don't notice JAWS being different now than my standalone 2018-january version, except I've got a different synth and they've been making some changes since January anyway. That said, I've never been a hardcore JAWS user, and mostly web-only.


On Thu, Aug 16, 2018, at 8:00 PM, Steve Green wrote:
> Thanks David - I had not come across that page. At the top it explains
> the speech options. If you run only ZoomText, you still have AppReader
> and DocReader. However, if you run Fusion, you can use JAWS instead of
> AppReader and DocReader.
> So it looks as if it is sufficient to test with JAWS and ZoomText
> separately, unless anyone has any experiences to the contrary.
> Steve
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> Hi Steve:
> I found the following page that might answer your questions.
> https://www.zoomtext.com/fusion-info-en/
> It seems that you have a choice of using ZoomText, Zoomtext fusion or
> Jaws. Each has its own shortcut.
> You can also specify Speech, Speech on demand or Silent modes.
> Toward the end of the document there is a heading covering zoomtext
> features not available in Fusion.
> David
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Fusion vs JAWS and ZoomText
> Does anyone have any insight into the behaviour of Fusion compared with
> JAWS and ZoomText? In particular, I am interested in any differences
> that might be relevant when doing an expert review or user testing. If
> Fusion is significantly different, there's a case for testing with it in
> addition to JAWS and ZoomText, but just how different is it?
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