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Re: PDF Forms Software - Adobe LiveCycle vs Adobe Experience Manager?


From: chagnon@pubcom.com
Date: Aug 20, 2018 1:18PM

Yes, it's tough to get info about forms and Experience Manager from Adobe.

I believe it's SAAS (software as a service) -- cloud-based software that is not installed on your computer. From what I've heard, it also does not create fully accessible PDF forms.

Did you know that Adobe InDesign has decent forms tools? It does a great job on regular forms (even those that are complex with many fields in a table matrix, for example). The visual design tools in InDesign are, of course, amazing. Advanced scripting can be added in Acrobat Pro.

We create forms (and run classes in making accessible forms) and most can be exported to a fully accessible PDF that needs little to no tweaking afterwards in Acrobat Pro. Real time-saver.

It's a decent workflow for most forms, and I believe Adobe is working to improve its forms utilities and capabilities.

I used to teach Live Cycle eons ago (and JetForms and others from the 1990s) and my firm used to sell the software. I hated it so much that I dropped it from our line and stopped teaching it, too.

On the other hand, I'm very happy teaching forms with InDesign and Acrobat.

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Subject: [WebAIM] PDF Forms Software - Adobe LiveCycle vs Adobe Experience Manager?

I'm having difficulty getting some basic information from Adobe about their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) software, and how exactly one might use it to replace LiveCycle in the development of PDF forms.

Does anyone on this list use Adobe Experience Manager to create accessible PDF forms?

Can I use it as an "upgrade" for LiveCycle Designer, install it on a single machine, and use it to edit PDFs originally created by LiveCycle?


Philip Kiff
D4K Communications