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Re: aria-errormessage implementation


From: Wolfgang Berndorfer
Date: Aug 26, 2018 1:12PM

Hi Birkir and Patrick,
Corect: It’s not always the AT that is late and everywhere is worked hard.
And when I flippantly mentioned “mobbing” I ment showing up price policy or
monopole areas in AT scene. Hope, my statements won’t lead to a fundamental

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von Patrick H. Lauke
Gesendet: Sonntag, 26. August 2018 19:23
Betreff: Re: [WebAIM] aria-errormessage implementation

On 26/08/2018 16:15, Wolfgang Berndorfer wrote:
> [...] Another issue for AT?

I'll just interject for a moment that support/lack of support for a
feature, or some funky behavior, isn't always down to AT, but to
browsers - whether they correctly expose information via the
accessibility tree/API etc.

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