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Re: Alt Text For Collages


From: Guy Hickling
Date: Aug 28, 2018 6:05PM

As with all images, the aim of the alt text(s) should be to convey the same
information or understanding to screen reader users that the image itself
conveys to sighted people. So we always have to ask that question.

Some collages seem to me to be purely decorative, conveying little or no
information, in which case they probably need just an empty alt text so
they are ignored. Others convey a general impression of something (e.g.
"students celebrating their exam results"), rather than intending that the
viewer should look at each image in detail. So if the alt text conveys that
same impression, that would meet the case I think. Others collages may show
some particular images standing out more than other parts of the collage,
so those images ought to be mentioned or described in more detail in the
alt text, so screen reader users get those important parts of the whole.

Guy Hickling
Accessibility Consultant