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Re: Firefox/NVDA: ENTER on button opens browser context menu


From: Fischer, Johannes
Date: Sep 19, 2018 7:59AM

Hi Detlev,

just an idea because it's not clear from your text: Did you go through the page by using Tab key or by arrow keys (browsing) when NVDA is on? By using the arrow keys a drop-down doesn't work for me as well (Firefox 62.0, NVDA 2018.1.1), even not with ALT + Enter. But by using the Tab key I can focus the drop-down and change the value with the arrow keys.

Best regards,

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Have you checked the NVDA GitHub issues page? If not, definitely file
a new issue.
If you are in browse mode and press the enter key NVDA should send a
simulated event to the browser, it should be a click event. I wonder
if somehow it is sending the wrong event now or the event gets
translated to a rightclick instead of regular click.

On 9/19/18, Detlev Fischer < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem when testing accessibility in Firefox that is driving
> me to distraction - I hope someone has an answer.
> My device: Windows 10 on recent touch-enabled hybrid laptop with
> external montor.
> The problem:
> When I use Firefox (62.0) and turn on NVDA (2018.3, default settings),
> native buttons that reacted on ENTER before turning on NVDA (e.g. open a
> drop-down) stop working: I now get the browser context menu displayed
> instead. Buttons work when I press ALT at the same time, but that should
> not be necessary. My colleagues with different devices cannot reproduce
> the problem in Firefox/NVDA.
> This is what I have tried:
> - Search Webaim mail archives and the web to find an answer
> - In Firefox' about:config settings, set dom.event.contextmenu.enabled
> to FALSE
> - In the device settings > Human Interface Devices, deactivating HID
> conformant touchscreen
> - Turning Firefox Caret browsing (F7) on and off
> Nothing seems to have an effect on the problem.
> Has anyone got an idea what is happening here?
> Best,
> Detlev
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