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Re: Table with hidden first column


From: glen walker
Date: Oct 29, 2018 10:01AM

An alternate solution is to *not* have a hidden column but rather
aria-hidden text that you put in the first real column. So you'd have
something like

<td><span aria-hidden="true">1</span> fred</td>

You could visually style the number any way you want and it would appear
next to the employee name but not be read by a screen reader.

I agree with Jared (and probably most people on this list) that, in
general, any info that is good for visual users is also good for AT users
and you don't want to hide it. But tables are kind of special since AT can
read the row and column you are on without having a visual clue. By adding
the visual clue, you then get repeated info for AT.

I typically turn off the row/column numbers read by AT because I just want
to hear the row/column headers.